Buy and Support

How to purchase Five Ways In and support our project?

You can rent or purchase Five Ways In on Vimeo On Demand.

There are subtitles in more than 5 languages.

If you see us in person: You can buy a USB stick with it on.
You can pay with paypal or in cash.

For public and institutional screenings there is a different price, see below.


There is support material for organising screenings and using the documentary for research. Our experience is that the conversations after the documentary are as interesting as the documentary itself. We invite you to feedback on our website what you found out from your screenings and contribute to our research themes. We would love a photo or two and information about your event to add to our list of screenings.

Institutional Sales

For institutions we offer a very competitive price compared to other distributors such as DER, depending on your particular needs. This will enable you to embed ‘Five Ways In’ into teaching websites and use the documentary as much as you want in classroom and institutional settings.

A Digital Site License for one year is £60, for three years £120 and for five years £180. A life of file license is £300

Please contact the Co-Director and Producer (Dr Mike Poltorak) for more information:

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