‘Five Ways In’ had its Ethnographic Film Festival premiere in May 2015 at, IFEF, Sofia, Bulgaria (see photos below).  It screened at a dedicated CI film festival CDIFF in May 2015 in Toronto, Canada.  At our ‘thank you’ screenings in Freiburg on the 9th November 2014 (see Facebook Event) and London on the 23rd  November 2014 in K5 Studios (Facebook event) we launched the documentary and shared our gratitude for all the support we received.

We encouraged our Kickstarter supporters who pre-purchased the documentary  to organise small screenings of their own and feedback the results to our website. We see our documentary as a research tool to explore wider perceptions of CI and it’s potential use outside of specifically CI events.

We also intend to screen at CI festivals and in educational settings. Please contact us ( if you would like to host a screening.

Below is a list of the screenings we are aware of. Please do drop us an email or pm in facebook if you use the film.  The facebook event is enough for us to update our list.


Supporter and Contact Improvisation Festival Screenings

2019 Brazil

Nov 5. Sul em Contato-Festival de CI de Porto Alegre-10anos. Centro Cultural da UFRGS. Facebook event.

Sept 20. Complexo Cultural Samanbaia/DF. Facebook event.

Sept 13. Instituto Federal de Brasilia. IFB SGAN 610.  Facebook Event.










June 20th. Rua Francisco de Barros Filho 16A, 13084215 Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hosted by MUCíNá Aquela que Dança

Facebook Event here.


“For me the documentary had shown a delicated vision of the inner process that happens on the body of every being that practices contact improvisation. In a sensitive way, we saw a diversity of people with a whole range of interests that are united by the dance. The film could beautifully explore the practice, the community around the practice and the dance technique involved and also the internal happenings that take place in this dance form. It was a pleasure to see, remember and review this contact universe. I’m all thankfulness”.

Janaína Moraes Franco about 5 ways in exhibition in Campinas – SP










June 12th. Foix, Ariege, France (see Image left). Organised by Uma Laurence Clapdorp.


May 3rd.  Espaço MOVA. Rua Hermenegildo de Barros, 73, 20241-040 Rio de Janeiro, Rio

Facebook event here. Organised by Kamyla Matias and Mariengela Andrade

2018 USA, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Morocco, Spain

February 25th. Links Hall, Chicago, Illinois.  Organised by Alyssa Lynes and Daniel Halkin.  Facebook event here.


February 3rd. Tulum. Mexico. Mexico Premiere. Organised by Alyssa Lynes, Lilee Peek and Timmy Wagner. Facebook event here.














2017 Switzerland, China

December 20th. Bern, Switzerland. Ethnokino. Kino in der Reitschule, Neubruckstrasse, 8, Bern.  Reithschule webpage.
















































November, 8.  Cinema Space, Hannah Maclure Centre, , Abertay University, Scotland (Screening organised by Dr Corinna Jola for course  ‘The brain in action: From dance to trance’ in the School of Social and Health Sciences, Psychology, Abertay University). Reviews of course here and here.


November, 8. Dali, Yunnan, China (Irene Sposetti organised screening and event)





















November 4. TAIWAN PREMIERE.  Taichung, Taiwan 407 (Hosted by BOHEsalen Holistic Massage Studio) . Facebook Event.


September, 15. 2017. Manresa. Organised by Queralt Jorba. Event website in Catalan.

El Contact Improvisació (CI) es va desenvolupar per primera vegada als Estats Units durant la dècada dels 70 com un experiment en moviment que desafiava als ballarins a respondre instintivament a les col·lisions corporals. Quatre dècades més tard, aquesta forma de dansa continua sent investigada obertament per persones de tot el món. Aquesta pel·lícula segueix les aspiracions de cinc ballarins mentre naveguen per les alegries i reptes de ser amb tres-cents participants al festival de CI més gran del món, a l’antiga universitat alemanya de Freiburg. Jashana, una activista política nord-americana i Raquel, voluntària brasilera al festival, busquen els límits polítics i les potencialitats del CI en la construcció de comunitat. El pagès biodinàmic suec Johan i el professor israelià Lior, comparteixen les esperances de belles i desafiants danses i noves maneres d’ensenyar la forma. Camille, de França, fa poc que s’ha introduït en aquesta pràctica i busca en el CI sortir de la seva zona de confort conformada per la salsa i els esports. Durant una setmana formaran part d’una comunitat temporal compartint la intimitat i la fisicalitat d’aquesta pràctica, desafiant fins i tot els ballarins més experimentats.  Trobaran en el Festival de Freiburg la inspiració i les idees que busquen?

September, 8, 2017. Tenerife. Tenerife Contact Festival. Screening organised by Tania Pérez.

June. 15, 2017 Freiburg, Germany shown as part of the CI Kompact Training with Ekchard Mueller, Bernd Ka, and Alyssa Lynes

May 12, 2017 Gothenburg, Sweden Showing, Discussion and Jam organized by and especially supported by Daniel Mang.

May 5, 2017 Helsinki, Finland -Showing, Discussion and Jam organized by Katri and Samuli  & supported by Rob Kancler

April 8, 2017 Excerpt shared during a CI weekend Workshop with Alyssa Lynes in Montpellier, France

April 6, 2017- Casa Blanca, Morocco- Organized by: Nezha & supported by Rob Kancler . Photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

March 31, 2017 Zaragoza, Spain – Showing, Discussion, and Jam organized by Guy

2016 China, Spain, Germany, Holland, France, UK, USA,

October 30. 2016.  Hangzhou, China (Organised by Irene Sposetti). Irene Sposetti’s website in Mandarin.

Ticket for the event



October 23-  In Touch Barcelona Festival.   Prior to the final JAM of the festival at La Barceloneta, Barcelona.
 Oct. 2  18:00  Freie Waldorfschule Darmstadt Eberstadt / Arndtstraße 6, Darmstad, Germany


Kahbam Impro session 69, with Loby Lam (Dutch Translator of subtitles)


Prismare, Roomweg 167d, 7523 BM Enschede


Sept 29. University of Kent. Sensory Explorations of the Social.

Sept. 25   MJC Allobroges, Grenoble, France
July 29, 2016 Contact Desert Almeria Meeting
July, 2016. Earthdance Community Screening.

10th June, 2016, Prismare, Enschede, Netherlands (Premiere of Dutch Subtitles-Subtitles by Loby Lam). Facebook Event.

May 28, School for Improvisation and Performance (TIP), Freiburg, Germany

Inline image 1

24th January, 2016–Banyan Tree: Girkharwadda Road before Ash, Arambol, Goa, India. Facebook Event. Supported by Goa Contact Festival.

9th January, 2016-Studio 3, Earthdance. Plainfield. MA. USA (Organised by Solen Bel Latour)

2015 Spain, Norway, Italy, Ukraine, Germany, USA, Italy

Seville201528th November, 2015 Seville, Spain, Expandir Nuestra Paleta (Workshop with Alyssa Lynes)-First Screening with Spanish subtitles (Subtitles-Victor Sanchez).

September, 2015 (Date to be confirmed) Schloss Glarisegg Community (Jashana Kippert in attendance)

22nd-28th August, Gottingen, Germany, Contact Meets Contemporary. (Alyssa teaching a Release Class and screening).

7th August, Pontos, Catalonia, Monastery of Dreams  (with Jashana Kippert) Read review here.

17 June-22nd June, Brandbu, Norway, Nordic Improvisation Meeting 2015

28 May-2 June, Amelia (Umbria, Italy) Italy Contact Fest 2015  

(First screening with Italian subtitles-Subtitles-Leonardo Bianchi Quota)

7 May 2015  Lviv, Ukraine- Dance Is Peace.

(Live-Voice Over and translation: Nadezhda Lebedeva). See event on vimeo.

(Watch Russian voice-over version. Password: Lviv)

2-3 May 2015 Venice meets London Contact Festival,  Venice, Italy.

7-12 April 2015   Tempelhof Contact Festival, Schloss Tempelhof  Germany.

8th March 2015  19.00 Finnish Brotherhood Hall, 1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, California 94702 (Hosted by Rene Alvarez)  Facebook Event

1st March 2015   (17.30-22.00)  Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Includes class with Alyssa Lynes & Neige Christenson and open movement jam) . Facebook Event

23 January 2015,    Biadronno, Workshop di Contact Improvisation Sul Lago di Varese Con Simone Magnani (Organised by Chiara Lunardi)  Facebook Event

2014 Sweden

12 December 2014,  Gröna Oasen, Storgatan 9, 15330 Järna, Sweden  (Organised by Johan Nilsson). Facebook Event.


Educational, Conference  and Symposium Screenings

13-16 April 2015  ASA Conference, Exeter. UK

21st March  2015-33 Queen Square-London


17th March 2015,  11-1    Silverstone Building 309,  University of Sussex, Falmer  (Hosted by Professor Jane Cowan)


Ethnographic Film &  Film Festival Screenings

Watch this space for announcements of festival screenings in your area.

15th May 2015, CDIFF, Toronto, Canada

10-17th May 2015, IFEF, Sofia, Bulgaria.  International Festival of Ethnographic Film (Sofia)


After the screening in Sofia.

After the screening in Sofia.



Some happy CI dancers after the Sofia screening.

Some happy CI dancers after the Sofia screening.

3 Comments on “Screenings

  1. Hallo!
    I was teaching in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I’ve good contact with the CI community there.
    What Can I do for you?

    It would be super nice to screen the movie during the Contact Festival in Ukrain 4-10 of May.
    They are in a difficult moment because of the war and this festival will have a strong political value.

    Please, let me know.
    Filippo, Berlin

    • Thanks Filippo for your really kind offer. We would love to organise some event around the screening so that they CI community in Sofia can benefit from the screening and use it for their own research and communication. The festival is going to be subtitling the film into Bulgarian which is wonderful news. We would also love to screen in Ukraine. I will get in touch with you by email.

  2. Seeing the screening on Tuesday reawakened my Contact Spirit; reminded me why I’ve felt it could change the world; and gave me compassion for the struggles I have with it. Thanks. To all the curious students I say ‘give it a try!’ Contact is many things, including lots of fun!

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