Can you help with translation and making the documentary available all over the world?


We thank the following people who volunteered to subtitle ‘Five Ways In’ and who also really got to know the film in the process. They have given a great gift to make the documentary more accessible to much wider audiences:


Italian (Subtitles) (traduzione  italiana) Susan Proctor e Leonardo Bianchi Quota (10 Luglio 2015)

Spanish (Subtitles) Victor Sanchez

French (Subtitles)  Solen Bel Latour

Bulgarian (subtitles) hitzta, Vladislav Vladev and Aleksandar Krastanov.

Chinese (subtitles)  Wei Xie

Dutch (subtitles)  Loby Lam

Portuguese (subtitles)  Mariangela Andrade (Rio de Janeiro)



We also have a Russian  voice-over.


Translations and subtitles currently in process are:

German: Christine Mauch


Would you like to help to subtitle Five Ways In into your language?

Please get in touch (

We have a special google excel sheet which will make translating sentence by sentence very easy and will also facilitate a deeper appreciation of the documentary.

One you have completed the excel sheet, it can easily be exported as an srt or txt file that can be imported into video players such as VLC. We can provide you with a clean version of the documentary without any English subtitles so that your subtitles will look great.


Would you like to screen the film in one of the languages already subtitled?

You will need to request a special version of the film from us with no background English subtitles which you can play through VLC (a special video player downloadable free from the internet). We will send you the subtitle file which VLC uses to make the subtitles during your screening.


Leonardo shares some of his experience of subtitling

The first time I watched “5 Ways In”, during a CI workshop organized by some friends near Varese (Italy) I thought that it would have been a good idea to give those who knew less English , the chance to better understand the content of the film.
The point for me is that the film is a good way to introduce Contact improvisation dance and approach a variety of themes. Another impulse that encouraged me was the good feeling of being part of the community.
After Mike’s agreement to work on the film-it was the 28th of January 2015-I first finished Mike’s work to extract subtitles embedded to the original video and then I started the translation. One month later I met Ann in Venice at “Venice meets London” CI event organized by CTR (where I met also Alyssa) and she gave her support checking my English and doing  necessary corrections. We started using a shared Google’s Drive Worksheet giving the possibility to work on it simultaneously and later other translators used that file adding the specific country section. When we finished translating, I sent the subtitles to Glenda and Alyssa for the first show in Anghiari’s Camp at Rainer’s House in August 2015.
About the work itself, I’ll give few technical details. Every subtitle text is characterized, at least, by three parameters: text, start time and end time and this information is written into an SRT file (ANSI) so that the file independently from the video could be used by a video client while “5 Ways In” without subtitles version is shown. I used VLC (ver. 2.2.1) but there are other players which probably are better (i.e. Victor (Spanish translator) used another one).
To create the subtitles matching the audio and generate the SRT file, I used the software “Subtitle Edit” under GPL licence, but I encountered problems using it as it hadn’t the needed accuracy. Then I had to use another proprietary software (Vegas) so that I could first import all the tracks in one shot and then match exactly the time stamps of the original video. This kept a long time as I had to stretch the film to have less then a tenth of a second accuracy. I didn’t change the original English subtitles time stamps.
If there’s any need I can help with these technologies, just contact me: (
Leonardo Bianchi Quota
FVG Contact Improvisation “FB group” (Udine – IT)



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