A lunch screening at: LONDON & VENICE… DANCE!! with Alyssa

Researching Contact Improvisation


Sunday, May 3 at 3:00pm

C.T.R. (Centro Teatrale di Ricerca) Giudecca 621, Venezia

Organized by: Carla Marazzato & Monica Giacomin


After the film we had a short sharing of how the film resonated.

In this photo: we are with our eyes closed for one minute to find the thought, image, statement, moment we wanted to share.

* Carla first saw the film at a screening Alyssa hosted at Earthdance in January.  Carla was there as an artist in residence for two weeks.  Afterwards we spoke and she shared how she felt really excited to share the film at London & Venice Dance.  It was wonderful that this idea became a reality.

Here is the link to the work she did when I first met her at Earthdance: (http://www.earthdance.net/blog/2015/02/06/artists-residence-carla-marazzato-and-laura-colomban)

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