First Review of ‘Five Ways In’

‘This film is radiant and perceptive and pleasurable to watch. It achieves a rich and reflexive multivocality. Through a series of uniquely reflexive vignettes, from a Hawaiian political activist to Swedish biodynamic gardener, the filmmakers weave a narrative that foregrounds the inextricable bond between individual knowledge, experience and bodily intelligence.’ (Richards, J. 2014. Review of Five Ways In)   The first review of ‘Five Ways In’  was written by  third year anthropology student, Jade Richards, at the University of Kent for one of the assessments for the Visual Anthropology Theory course I… Read More


What is the community of contact improvisation? How can contact improvisation be used in intentional communities and in creating community?

Personal Transformation

How does contact improvisation contribute to personal, spiritual and social transformation? In this theme we include therapeutic benefits and the appreciation of nature.

Political Change

Can contact improvisation contribute to making real changes in the world?

Teaching and Education

How is the way CI is taught and learnt relate to the quality of experience in CI events?

Intersubjectivity-Visual Anthropology

What concepts and areas of anthropology can best do justice to the transformative impacts of CI and the other research themes that emerged from the process of filming and feedback? How can the research value of this documentary be best argued in relation to current social and visual anthropology?

Screening at KOKI in Freiburg

We launched our documentary to a packed cinema in Freiburg on the 9th November. Given the emergent theme of the documentary on ‘community’ it was doubly appropriate we should show it at KOKI, a community cinema with a history going back to 1972. We had a full evening event with introduction, Q and A and then dancing and discussion.   Florian Fromm from KOKI opened the Q and A with a question about how many beginners actually go to Freiburg. As someone with little knowledge of CI  he could most easily identify… Read More