Raquel asked the question ‘What is the community of contact improvisation?”. Our documentary could only touch on such a huge question given the global reach of CI and the many ways that CI communities have formed in many different constellations for many different purposes. However, our ending on Lior’s focus on support, does give one key insight or ‘way in’ to some answers to this question? The fact that dancing CI can be a lonely path but that festivals and jams provides a way to connect and build confidence in one’s own interest is one direction that might be explored in some contexts. Raquel’s statement about the need for community and connection in Latin America is another. There are many reports of very exciting and community oriented developments of CI in Argentina, for example, that are yet to be documented and shared with the wider CI community.

Another interesting area is how CI is used and could be used in intentional communities and eco-villages for building a greater sense of connection between people and how it might contribute to decision making? Group decision making was a particular area of interest of Jashana and she organised a lab at Freiburg to explore it, that did not feature in our documentary.

We are particularly interested in developing this further and invite contribution and invitations on this theme. As several of us have a strong interest in supporting intentional communities we intend to explore the link more between CI and community by showing the documentary in communities all over Europe.

We are also very interested how CI communities are successfully built and maintained all over Europe by enthusiasts who often do so on a voluntary basis? Is there some learning to be had from exploring different CI communities in the European context?


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