Sonja Brühlmann

Sonja Brühlmann (Switzerland) is a community dance and theatre practitioner, teacher and Contact Improviser. Her work evolves around the application of dance and theatre for personal and social transformation. She works in educational and social fields with people from all areas of life, children and adults, often people in times of transition or on the margin of society (unemployed, disabilities, refugees). She organises residential CI research events (Touch&Play) and regular CI labs. In these events the focus is on the investigation of the richness of CI from many different angles: physiological, artistic, psychological, philosophical, and spiritual.

I love diving into the state of improvisation. I find this altered state of playfulness, spontaneity and directness of connection deeply nourishing. I joined this film project because I felt that the CI festival Freiburg is a great hub and platform of dance and lovers of CI from all around the world. I wanted to dive into the question of what is CI and what does it mean to the people that practice it.

Personally having experienced the many benefits that CI can have, I wanted to show it’s value within a festival and raise the question of whether our practice has an impact outside the festival context on a personal, social or political level. Further I wanted to make a documentary that can inform a broad audience about CI. The journey so far has been wonderful. We were lucky to find five beautiful individuals that gave us insight into their motivations, visions, experiences, pitfalls and joys.

The conversation about CI began and continued outside the festival. Mike and Alyssa have been two very inspiring project partners, both experienced CI researchers that have practiced and thought a lot about the implications of this form. We have further involved our local CI communities in London and at ECITE in Bern to find out about people’s curiosities, interests and wishes for a film about CI’.

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